How To Hypnotize Someone Without Them Even Knowing!

#1specialreport-coverHow To Hypnotize Someone Without Them Even Knowing!….Hypnosis is a state in which conscious sleep is induced. The process of hypnosis involves a hypnotist and a subject (a person on whom Hypnosis is performed). The primary requirement for Hypnosis is it must be accepted by the subject. And then under the effect of Hypnosis, the subject is allegedly more recipient to suggestions and has greater access to his or her memories and emotions.

In a nutshell, hypnosis is sleep of the nervous system. So there is a decrease in the rate of respiration, decrease in blood circulation thus sluggish brain waves. Under the normal consciousness, the brain waves are at Beta wave level. However, with hypnosis, brain waves slow down to alpha waves than to theta waves. Delta waves are brain waves possible in children, & generally no adult can experience the slowing down to delta wave level.

Use of Hypnosis has been applied from the clinic to classroom and police station to any public place. The characteristics of Hypnosis are deep concentration and great relaxation. Hypnosis has a strange reputation. Freud, the father of repression, earlier used to practice hypnosis in therapy; he then stopped the use of hypnosis.

However, hypnosis is still popular. And it is safe.

The Hypnosis can be useful in addictions, pain relief, weight control, fear, quit smoking. However the success of hypnosis depends greatly on acceptance of subject.

Under the effect of Hypnosis the subject gets accessibility to his unconscious and subconscious mind, repressed memories even past life memories. There are lots of misconceptions regarding Hypnosis. It is considers as ‘Black Magic’ by some people. Science simply does not accept it. But Hypnosis exists.

What is Hypnosis?

It is a method that allows you to use your own inner power and hidden capabilities (the capabilities that you even don’t believe you possess). And:

• It can help you in getting freedom from phobias or anxieties.

• It can help you get rid of bad habits like eating unhealthy, smoking etc.

What Hypnosis is not?

• It is not possible even by any expert to take control of your mind using Hypnosis. Your permission- acceptance is must.

• Hypnosis can not make you tell secrets.

• Hypnosis is not dangerous.

• It is not ‘Black-Magic’ or any magic!

You can relate Hypnosis with trance, dream. You can be in trance unconsciously. You can be in trance while just lying on the bed or while traveling through familiar route, while reading a book, while seeing the movie. Hypnosis is similar trance so you need not fear of same. It brings you great relaxation.

Hypnosis can be used for:

1. Pin control
2. Weight control
3. Health eating
4. Helping you stop smoking or other habits
5. Overcoming phobias & anxieties
6. Suppressing pain during medical procedures
7. And more…

Hypnosis comes to your help in case some normal point of view or logical thinking becomes barrier in solving any problem of yours. It frees you from problems you want to while in conscious or subconscious state. Refer to this brief overview of Hypnosis for help to improve the quality of your life and the lives of your family, friends and others.

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